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As a Shopware agency, we create high-revenue online shops

Increase your sales with clean development, comprehensive conversion rate optimisation and strategic SEO & SEA campaigns.

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As a B2C & B2B brand, you have certainly recognized it too: The competition in online retail is big and is taking your valuable market share day by day. That's why you need to take action now and be one step ahead.

Because in a saturated market like eCommerce, you will become a winner if you specifically combine the most modern technology with effective online marketing.

We can help! As your partner, we create, optimize & promote your mission-critical online store so that your offer stands out from the crowd and customers buy from you instead of the cheaper competition.

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Ready for your online success?

You're one step away from taking your eCommerce business to the next level in 2024. Schedule an initial consultation now so we can discuss your goals.

It must NOT be this constant struggle

Maybe you've been at a sales plateau for a while or don't know exactly how best to build a strong & sustainable competitive advantage. Let's change that!

 Technical chaos 

We provide a stable shop foundation so you can independently add products & content that your customers will love.

 Marketing slump 

With the help of advertisements, we give your online store targeted steam to overcome your sales plateau as quickly as possible.

 Manual & time-consuming processes 

We increase the cost efficiency of your store through clever automation in the area of advertisements and marketplaces.

Developing an online store requires teamwork. Why we are the right partners

We know that working with the right Shopware agency is the key to your success. We want to help you with our many years of expertise. Find out exactly how!

Are you tired of service providers...

  • Who are slow to respond to problems and emergencies and are happy to put you off for weeks or months?
  • Who don't specialize in shopware and actually have to teach themselves?
  • Who don't operate on the ravages of time and thus propose comparable & boring solutions for your projects?
Bad Shopware agencies create headaches because of the lack of specialization.

With Shop Studio you will get...

  • A deep and entrepreneurial understanding in technology & marketing - especially in combination with Shopware.
  • As your sparring partner, we scrutinize your existing ideas and develop them further with you.
  • We don't offer unnecessary bells and whistles, but customized and precise solutions for your problems.
We develop and program clean Shopware code

Our building blocks for success

  • Professional development together with our customers and regular feedbacks
  • No unnecessary bells and whistles - only clean code as a basis
  • High converting with an optimized and stable checkout process
With us, eCommerce becomes simple again. Better conversion guaranteed!

Why online traders come to us

eCommerce is always about: competitive edge, more visitors and better conversion rates - best visual and measurable. So exactly our services!

Development & Migration

We can help you develop a new store or move an existing store from Shopware 5, WooCommerce, Magento and more.

Technical SEO optimization

We optimize your content & core web vitals to increase your rankings, reach & CTR.

Conversion rate optimization

If you already have many visitors, then it is worth optimizing the conversion rate. Every percentage point directly brings more sales!

Performance optimization

Let us take the right measures to make your Shopware store load faster than you can say "performance".

Marketplace & ERP integration

We connect your store with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and more or make sure that your ERP synchronizes perfectly.

Ads & tracking

We promote your store via Google Ads & Bing Ads incl. professional tracking.

Our Shopware apps und plugins

As an agency, we are also the manufacturer of a large number of excellent plugins & apps in the Shopware Store. We develop these completely in-house so that Shopware stores from all over the world can use them reliably.

  • Shopware extension icon: Product Mix Configurator`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Product Mix Configurator

    by Shop Studio

    Increase your sales by allowing customers to create custom mixes and add them to the cart. Make your store stand out from your competition with this unique advantage.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Health Check`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Health Check

    by Shop Studio

    Do you want to be alerted when your store is down and you lose sales? Then install this health check and connect to monitoring tools like Better UpTime.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Tree per order`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Tree per order

    by Shop Studio

    Help to protect the forests sustainably with your store by planting one tree per order! Show your customers that responsibility starts with online commerce.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Recipes`
    Shopware 6 Icon


    by Shop Studio

    Easily & clearly create recipes and make them available for download. Enhance your store with delicious recipes that offer new opportunities for customer acquisition.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Advanced Search (Blogs + Recipes)`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Advanced Search (Blogs + Recipes)

    by Shop Studio

    Enhance Shopware's default search with recipes and blog posts to help your visitors find their way around your shop and read your interesting content.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Back in stock notification`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Back in stock notification

    by Shop Studio

    Product not in stock? No problem! Your customers can now leave their email with the respective product and be notified as soon as your product is back in stock.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Google Ads`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Google Ads

    by Shop Studio

    Google Ads integration incl. support for dynamic remarketing. Measure how profitable your ads are with the help of conversion IDs & labels. For data-driven stores!

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Resend order confirmation mail`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Resend order confirmation mail

    by Shop Studio

    Send again the order confirmation email with your own comments. Useful if you have customized an order or the customer cannot find the original email.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Pixel Your Shop`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Pixel Your Shop

    by Shop Studio

    The easiest all-in-round solution for tracking all of your visitors with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Hotjar.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Hotjar`
    Shopware 6 Icon


    by Shop Studio

    Easy way to track the user behavior of your visitors with Hotjar and thereby optimize the sales performance of your store. Also works with Shopware Cloud.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Personalized customer greeting`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Personalized customer greeting

    by Shop Studio

    With this app you have the possibility to display a personalized customer greeting in the account area. Increase your conversion rate with appealing greetings.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Nutrition labelling`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Nutrition labelling

    by Shop Studio

    Every online store that wants to sell food has to show all nutritional values, ingredients and allergens on the products. With this app it is easy to comply with EU regulations.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Blog/Magazine`
    Shopware 6 Icon


    by Shop Studio

    Easily & clearly create & manage blog posts that you can offer your visitors to read from now on. Write exciting content to attract new customers for your shop.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Microsoft Advertising`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Microsoft Advertising

    by Shop Studio

    Microsoft Advertising integration for data-driven stores. Measure how profitable your campaign and ads are with precise tracking for products, checkout, orders and more.

    Learn more
  • Shopware extension icon: Google Tag Manager`
    Shopware 6 Icon

    Google Tag Manager

    by Shop Studio

    Easiest Google Tag Manager integration incl. support for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook and Pinterest. Suitable for data-driven Shopware stores!

    Learn more

Finally overcoming the sales plateau?

You're one step away from taking your eCommerce business to the next level in . Schedule an initial consultation now so we can discuss your goals.

Our 5 step process to create or migrate your Shopware 6 store

Of course, every project is individual and deserves special attention! Nevertheless, this procedure has established itself very well in practice and creates a good framework for trusting cooperation.

The first step for your new or improved Shopware store is that we understand your idea 100%.

Understanding your business

We listen to you carefully and try to really understand your goals and the problems & bottlenecks of your online store in several conversations. The discussions are always exciting and of course free of charge.

Offering a fixed price would be the second step, making the project much more transparent than hourly pricing.

Offering a fixed price

You will receive an offer on a fixed price basis, which we will actually stick to. Therefore: no more nasty surprises on an arbitrary hourly basis! This keeps things transparent for both sides in advance.

Shopware development is the most important phase that requires experience and good cooperation.

Developing your store

During development, we stay in close contact with you and show you our progress. Our developers always work with staging/test & development environments - similar to other big players on the market.

Now the Shopware store is published and visible to your customers on the Internet.

Go live with your store

We are finally ready with the development! Now it's time to go live with your Shopware store and connect all marketplaces & advertising platforms to scale your sales.

Regular Shopware maintenance, ads & CRO is important for revenue growth.

Generate & retain sales

Now that your shop is up and running, we can further increase your revenue with ads and through conversion rate optimisation and ensure the quality of your shop through monthly maintenance.

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Get a modern store that stands out from your competition

We don't offer run-of-the-mill solutions: We develop a customized & high-turnover solution for you. Would you like proof? Then take a look at our references.

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Calculate the potential turnover of your online store with this calculator

In the end, it's a numbers game: If the number of visitors, the conversion rate, and the average shopping cart value are right, then so are the sales.

| 100 | 25,000 | 50,000
| 1 | 10 | 20
| 1 | 125 | 250

With 10000 visitors per month, a conversion rate of 3% and an average cart value of 75€, this results in revenue of:


Our foreword as Shopware agency

The digital world is an ocean full of opportunities, but also full of risks. As a store owner, you know how crucial it is to choose the right partner when it comes to being successful in eCommerce. There are countless service providers who promise you the moon, but when push comes to shove - for example, in the event of technical problems or bugs - they suddenly find themselves empty-handed. Here we would like to offer you a clear alternative: We specialize in eCommerce, and specifically in Shopware. We believe that it's better to be really good at something than to be half good at everything.

You may wonder why we are the right choice when it comes to the technical aspects and advertising strategy of your store? The answer is that we offer an all-round service. Whether it's development, migration, design, ads, tracking and SEO, our strength lies in our detailed knowledge combined with Shopware. But we are not resting on our laurels. The eCommerce sector is dynamic, and so are we. Our team is constantly learning, so that together with us you can continuously increase the sales of your store.

What really matters in eCommerce

Your success in eCommerce does not only depend on a fancy design or a functional store. You need an experienced and flexible team. Only with this combination of technical excellence and human expertise can you really grow and stand out in Google search results, in your ad campaigns or social media campaigns. Hardly any great brand was born overnight; they've all relied on a solid store foundation, advertising, and a dedicated team.

There's quality in every piece of work we do, because we know that the competition online is just a click away. So your store doesn't just have to be good; it has to be outstanding. This is the only way you can gain a competitive edge and, who knows, maybe even become the market leader in your segment.

With all this ambition, however, it is important to us not to leave the ground of facts. We want to give you realistic advice as a store owner. Maybe there are areas where an investment doesn't make sense now, or maybe there are low-hanging fruits that we can quickly pick for you. In any case, we're all about a long-term partnership. Quick sales are good, but what we really want is sustainable success - for you and for us.

Let's go your way together

After hearing all this, I hope you share our values and approach. We are confident that we can provide you with valuable support in your eCommerce journey. A first project could be the beginning of a long-term and successful collaboration. It's the first steps that are often the hardest, but also the most important. So let's make something big happen together.

If you're ready to take the next step on your eCommerce journey, we'd love to be a part of it and stand by your side. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about having an online store. It's about being successful, increasing your sales and firmly establishing your brand in the digital age. We're ready when you are.

Alexander Barton

Online success through certified expertise

We are constantly educating ourselves so that we can help your Shopware store achieve more traffic, conversions, higher shopping cart values and revenue.

Shopware Template Designer Certificate
Shopware Developer Certificate
Shopware Template Designer Advanced Zertifikat
Shopware Developer Advanced Zertifikat

Frequently asked questions

Important questions about shop creation, migration and maintenance answered shortly.

In practice, modern online stores are extensive and complex web applications that can vary greatly. As a result, prices can vary considerably, especially for large online stores. We also attach great importance to creating complete and scalable stores instead of offering loss leaders with half the performance. Our developers do much more than just install Shopware and plugins with a one-click installer. We invest a lot of effort in a clean foundation, including SEO, tracking and more, which you can easily use in the long term to scale up to a 5, 6 or 7-digit monthly turnover.

Again, it depends on the complexity, as online stores can vary in scope. Typical development times incl. preparations are 3-6 months in practice.

Our biggest advantage is that we specialize in Shopware and thus know the system inside out. With us you don't pay for the learning time like with one or the other agency, but for the result!

We work on a fixed-price basis, as we feel that this form of cooperation is more transparent. We stick to what we offer in terms of price. Additional work is always agreed upon in advance and recorded separately as an offer. No more unpleasant surprises!

Yes, we can help with CRO. We use various measures such as optimisation according to best practice or based on scientific A/B tests (and more). Which measures make sense depends on your monthly visitors and can be clarified in more detail in an initial consultation.

Partly. Our focus is on the technical aspect such as performance, core web vitals, Schema.org and more. Less on content such as keywords, texts, images and videos. We also do not help with backlink building.

Yes, we can help with the optimisation and scaling of campaigns. We can also take over the professional set-up of the tracking for you.

No, unfortunately we can't help here apart from the tracking. We strongly recommend looking for a reputable service provider who can provide all the creatives such as images and videos that are required in large numbers for A/B tests to achieve optimum results.

Want a competitive edge?

You're one step away from taking your eCommerce business to the next level in 2024. Schedule an initial consultation now so we can discuss your goals.