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Frequently asked questions

Important questions about shop creation, migration and maintenance answered shortly.

In practice, modern online stores are extensive and complex web applications that can vary greatly. As a result, prices can vary considerably, especially for large online stores. We also attach great importance to creating complete and scalable stores instead of offering loss leaders with half the performance. Our developers do much more than just install Shopware and plugins with a one-click installer. We invest a lot of effort in a clean foundation, including SEO, tracking and more, which you can easily use in the long term to scale up to a 5, 6 or 7-digit monthly turnover.

Again, it depends on the complexity, as online stores can vary in scope. Typical development times incl. preparations are 3-6 months in practice.

Our biggest advantage is that we specialize in Shopware and thus know the system inside out. With us you don't pay for the learning time like with one or the other agency, but for the result!

We work on a fixed-price basis, as we feel that this form of cooperation is more transparent. We stick to what we offer in terms of price. Additional work is always agreed upon in advance and recorded separately as an offer. No more unpleasant surprises!

Yes of course! Typical tasks in the maintenance contract are bug fixes, Shopware updates, monitoring, testing and much more.

Yes, we also offer SEO and have helped some online stores in the past. From technical setup to content and monitoring, we already have expertise.

Yes, we also offer ads for these platforms and can professionally set up tracking and landing pages for you.

Yes, we can also handle Shopware Frontends (the successor of Shopware PWA) and headless commerce in general and bring your store visually and usability to the next level! Whether Next.js with React, Nuxt with Vue, SvelteKit with Svelte or Astro.js