Client case: Stralsunder Marzipan

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Client case: Stralsunder Marzipan

The problem

Stralsunder Marzipan wanted to address a more modern target group and position marzipan as a lifestyle product by revamping its online store. The basis was a Shopware 5 store that did not present the products optimally.

In the operational area, Pickware ERP is used for warehouse management, Pickware WMS for order picking and Pickware POS for the checkout area.

In addition, the performance of the store was not ideal: the loading speed was impaired by images, scripts and styles that were not loaded optimally, and the server was not scalable, which could be problematic, especially in winter.

Although basic tracking mechanisms for Google Ads and Google Analytics were in place, there was room for improvement to make online marketing more effective.

In summary, the outdated technology, unappealing design and unoptimized performance of the online store posed a significant challenge to achieving the ambitious goals. A comprehensive redesign and technical optimization was required to successfully position marzipan as a lifestyle product and to tap into a younger, trend-conscious target group.

The solution

The road to modernizing Stralsunder Marzipan's online presence began with a comprehensive redesign of the existing store. The goal was to create a fresh, target group-oriented aesthetic that would clearly stand out in the digital landscape. A designer from our team worked closely with the client, refining the design through an iterative, feedback-based process until the desired result was achieved.

Pickware remained at the heart of operations. It was therefore crucial that Pickware ERP, WMS and POS were implemented correctly and enabled seamless communication with sales. During the migration, particular emphasis was placed on ensuring that all relevant data was transferred correctly and completely.

The tracking system underwent a complete overhaul. By implementing Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Google Analytics and Meta Ads, we were able to create a robust basis for data-driven decisions. Now, adjustments to tracking can be made without the need for a developer resource. In addition, the introduction of funnels and advanced statistics and KPIs enables targeted conversion optimization.

Performance optimization was another key aspect of our approach. By compressing and delaying the loading of images, using a content delivery network (CDN), cleaning up styles and scripts, implementing Open Search as a search database and selecting scalable hosting, we were able to significantly reduce loading times and achieve best practice measures.

The result

As a result of these comprehensive measures, Stralsunder Marzipan was able to successfully modernize its online presence, increase performance, and is now better positioned to successfully assert itself in the digital retail landscape and continue to grow.

Thanks to the newly laid tracking foundation, the success of the Shopware 6 store is now measurable and scalable.  We are confident that with this solid store, a great foundation has been laid for future scaling.

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