Client case: Amello

Fine marzipan made from Californian almonds & fruity filling

Discover the sensational marzipan taste in a stylish look and find out how we helped to set up the online store.

Client case: Amello
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    Hotel am Jungfernstieg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

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The problem

The "Hotel am Jungfernstieg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH" had an ambitious goal: to sell more marzipan outside the winter months. Traditionally, marzipan is not seen as a typical treat for spring, summer or autumn. To change this, it was decided to introduce a new product called "Amello". Amello is not like a typical marzipan snack. It is more original and high quality, designed to be enjoyed all year round.

To successfully launch Amello on the market, a new online shop was needed. This had to be based on Shopware. This is where we, the "Shop Studio" agency, came into play. Our task was to develop a modern, conversion-friendly and fast online shop. The starting point was a ready-made styling guide that specified the colours, logo, typography and some other design elements.

During the planning and implementation phase, we worked closely with the team from "Hotel am Jungfernstieg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH" to understand the specific requirements and goals of the project. The completely new shop not only had to be visually appealing, but also technically flawless. Fast loading times, intuitive navigation and a smooth checkout process were crucial to impress customers and increase sales.

With our expertise and experience in the e-commerce sector, we set to work to create an online shop for "Hotel am Jungfernstieg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH" that fulfils all requirements and, of course, achieves the sales targets.

The solution

The realisation of our project took only two months and the result is impressive: A new, modern online shop based on Shopware 6 that puts the product "Amello" in the limelight. The shop impresses with its fast loading behaviour and an appealing design that is both aesthetic and functional. The shop is also flexible and makes it easy to expand and customise the content.

In addition to the appealing presentation of "Amello", we have also integrated practical features that make the shop user-friendly. A newsletter link ensures that customers are regularly informed about news and offers. A detailed FAQ section was also added to answer frequently asked questions directly and relieve the burden on customer service.

Another important aspect was the implementation of comprehensive tracking. With the help of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Meta and other platforms, we have set up a powerful tracking system. This now enables the client to run targeted advertising campaigns via Google and Meta and to analyse important KPIs and funnels. This allows advertising measures to be closely monitored and optimised.

The result

Thanks to our work, our customer now has a visually modern and high-performance online shop that not only presents the "Amello" product in the best light, but is also technically up to date. The shop provides a solid foundation for future growth and increasing sales figures - and all this in just two months of implementation time.

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