Safe the forests with a tree per order

We have developed it: An app for Shopware that helps you as a store owner and also your customers to do something good. Simply give something back to the world and make a significant contribution to reforesting the forests. With our app "Tree per order" this is now possible for free.


The green idea behind it

How is one tree per order going to help save the forests? Apart from that, it doesn't do any good, does it?

Yes, it does help quite a bit! Not if only one person does it, but through this app, which potentially every store owner can use in the future, we reach a large mass of people and through this we can make a big difference! We humans are responsible for this earth and must give something back to it, after all it does so much good for us.

It is shocking how many natural resources are consumed on average per person. Worldwide, a person consumes an average of over eight tons of natural resources per year. That's 22 kilograms per day. According to the current state of affairs, we humans would need 1.7 Earths to cover our consumption. This is all due to our modern lifestyle. That is why it is incredibly important to give something back to the world.

That's why we developed this app, which allows your customers to do something for the environment after shopping. With only 2€ per order, your customers enable the planting of a new tree in the world, where it is needed the most.


How exactly does the app work?

If your store has installed our app, your customer will get the opportunity to plant a tree when completing the order. As the store owner, you decide with which organization or association the tree will be planted.

One possible and recommended organization is TreeMates. TreeMates has set itself the goal of planting 900 million hectares of forest to save our forests. For example, did you know that forests the size of 50 soccer fields are reforested every minute? That's the equivalent of 35.7 hectares of land!

What's special about TreeMates is that it allows you to plant a tree with a single automated API call, and a donation certificate for your customers is also possible via email. This is of course quite practical for our app and makes your everyday life as a store owner immensely easier!

Because you no longer have to worry about counting all orders individually and transmitting the number of trees to be planted. This all happens automatically in the background. At the end of the month you only get an invoice from TreeMates, which you can pay with the collected donations.


Allow tree planting in the checkout with our app


Where does TreeMates plant the trees?

TreeMates itself does not plant trees but currently works with four different certified organizations. TreeMates sees itself more as a mediator between donors and organizations.

Good to know: It does make a difference where trees are planted. In the north, for example, more trees would provide higher temperatures because the snow on the trees reflects more poorly. In the south, on the other hand, they would provide cooler temperatures through evaporation. The most important place to plant, according to scientists, is in the tropics, because this is where global warming will be stopped and new jobs will be created at the same time. After all, the tropics are also called the lungs of our earth.

Below you will also find a list of the current partner organizations and a brief explanation of what they do.

1. Jane Goodall Institut - Austria

The Jane Goodall Institute is primarily active in the protection of chimpanzees and primates. These are threatened with extinction due to massive species decline. The culprit: deforestation. The Jane Goodall Institute supports the protection of animals through reforestation in Uganda.

Since 2011, this organization has already planted over 1.5 million trees, saving 1.1 million tons of CO2. This organization is based in Austria. That is quite impressive for such a short time!

2. Myclimate - Certified carbon offset projects

Myclimate cares about the climate both globally and locally. This organization is one of the world's leading and is based in Switzerland. Myclimate is proven to reduce emissions and has been certified multiple times per project.

Through TreeMates you support here most the local reforestation, in which the population is involved. By the way, Myclimate has already planted more than 13.7 million trees.

3. COBIGA - Rainforest of the Austrians/La Gamba

COBIGA's goal is to reforest an abandoned pasture area between the Esquinas Forest and Film Cruces. This area is also called the La Gamba biological corridor in Costa Rica. Land must be purchased for this project. The reforestation will reduce CO2 and maintain biodiversity.

4. Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects goal is to plant at least 500 million trees by 2025, thereby sustainably alleviating poverty for tens of thousands of people. Currently, the organization has planted over 688 thousand trees in 8 countries, creating over 6.8 million working days.

Current projects are in: Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal and Indonesia.


Join the green movement

There's no doubt about it: the world definitely needs more trees to breathe again. For this, our app "Tree per order" is a fantastic possibility. You can choose which organization you would like to donate to and thus help on several ends.

If you want to be a part of the green movement, download the app for free in the Shopware store today. Show your customers that responsibility starts with online commerce!

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