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Shopware has declared an end to blog articles and named infotainment the new "cool" source of information. So Shopware TV is the first video on demand in e-commerce. When Shopware 5 came out, Shopware has made an cinema movie and trailer for the than new Shopware version. This is one example for the unconventional paths, which Shopware always want to choose. 

So if you are excited what Shopware TV exactly is, let’s get some snacks, something to drink and start with this article.


What Shopware TV is

Shopware TV is a free streaming service. Infotainment around e-commerce topics. The series are meant to be informative and entertaining at the same time and where all filmed in the English language.

Currently, Shopware TV has three series each with 4-6 episodes.

Here you can find Shopware TV


New Kid in Town

The series "New Kid in Town" is about the brothers Stefan and Sebastian Hamann, who founded a company at the age of just 16. It tells the story of how they got here. It is also about their revolutionary Open Commerce approach. The series covers a wide range of topics, including general e-commerce, entrepreneurship, success factors of retail companies and how the Corona pandemic has affected retail. 

The series also takes a look at the future of e-commerce, which is very exciting overall.

With the series, the founders want to achieve a better understanding of brand perception and the process of shopping and consumer behavior.

That’s the link to the series


{DEV}initely Shopware

The host of this series is Niklas, he manages to bring the content across very sympathetically.

In this series, which was filmed especially for developers, you get exclusive insights directly behind the scenes of Shopware. The series is divided into the categories "Tech Detail", "Company Insights" and "Transparency". A major role in the series is played by the US-American Ben Marks, who joined the company in spring 2021 as Director Global Market Development. This also ties in perfectly with the fact that the context is mostly about the international orientation and the support of the open source idea.

That’s the link to the series


Shopware Community Day 2021

The current last series of Shopware TV. As the name suggests, this is a recording of SCD 2021. Let this series take you on thought-provoking discussions and presentations. 

Also, a talk here will reveal what is planned for a series format for Shopware TV, among other things. "Spotlight" is to be a series about the community, in which the success stories of the Shopware Community will be told.

By the way, Shopware already has a format of the same name, which is the Shopware Tech Spotlight. The Shopware Tech Spotlight is a monthly roundup of how-tos, blogposts, plugins, podcasts, and event announcements from the Shopware community. Any community member can submit a post for the next Community Spotlight.

Click here to find the Series SCD 2021
Here you can find the Shopware Community Spotlights  

Why Shopware TV came to market

In the "New Kid in Town" series, Sebastian Hamann, CEO of Shopware AG, says: "When people who don't know us come across Shopware, they may see us exclusively as an e-commerce company. Of course, they're not wrong to do that, but that view doesn't tell the whole story either." 

This sentence should make it clear why Shopware has created a streaming service.

The ulterior motive of Shopware has always been that it should be about people. 

The Shopware platform is also made for people. To offer people an easier and better shopping experience. On its own site, Shopware writes: 

"We develop our software for the people who use it. That's why we foster the spirit of an open, global community. It animates us to revolutionize digital commerce and create forward-looking e-commerce solutions with passion, innovation and attention to detail.“

If this isn’t a clear statement. Here you can find the „about us“ pages from Shopware:

That's the reason Shopware TV was created. Through Shopware TV, the people behind Shopware are close. Apart from that, Shopware TV is an added value for the people who use Shopware. Because the videos package knowledge about business topics in a short, crisp and easy-to-understand way. 

And have you already eaten all your snacks?-If not, you can directly start with a series! ;)

Our result

Shopware has definitely produced the series elaborately and with high quality. 

The main purpose of Shopware TV is to give the community an insight into the work at Shopware and to do so with a good entertainment factor. We think Shopware has succeeded in this.

We think that Shopware has definitely created something extraordinary here and the series are high quality and informative at the same time. It will be interesting to see what other formats Shopware comes up with in the future. We're certainly looking forward to the Spotlight series, and the format already sounds promising.

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