Client case: Absperrtechnik24

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Client case: Absperrtechnik24

The problem

Absperrtechnik24 is an online shop that sells everything related to barrier technology. The company approached us because their old shop was outdated and in need of a revamp. It turned out that the previous shop system was no longer up-to-date and standardized. Outdated programming languages were used, making it difficult to maintain and find suitable and motivated developers.

In the technical background, the shop's performance was average. Images and media were not played back quickly and compressed because they did not use modern image formats like WebP. This fact slowed down the performance of the online shop.

The user experience also had potential for improvement, as the old product configurator and layout were somewhat confusing. It is quite possible that the shop was perceived by customers as outdated and low-quality.

The solution

Before the collaboration really started, a Slack account was created for communication, as with all our customer projects. This helps us to choose direct communication channels and avoid overlooked emails and complicated processes.

Then we set about solving the problems of the online shop. For the new start, a current solution with a current programming language was required. Shopware 6 provided this solution.

During the main collaboration period, many, sometimes quite difficult, frontend and backend features were developed, as such a large shop naturally wants to maintain its previous standard. These include elaborate animations, tracking scripts, and, above all, a comprehensive import for the PIM system MeDaPro. The goal was no less than importing about 150,000 variants.

In the next step, we focused on optimizing the shop's performance. A CDN was installed to deliver all media quickly and compressed. Unnecessary HTML, CSS, and Javascripts were removed, and problematic plugins were removed or replaced.

To further improve the user experience, ElasticSearch was integrated. ElasticSearch provides a fault-tolerant and fast search for customers, ensuring they find the product they are looking for, even with typos. In the near future, there will also be a connection to FactFinder, so that search results can be even more intelligently controlled.

Even the best shop is worthless if it is not regularly analyzed and optimized. For this reason, the Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads and Google Ads were integrated with the shop. With the Google Tag Manager, many events with complete data sets are now transmitted. Google Analytics helps to evaluate and visualize important statistics and KPIs. And by connecting to Facebook and Google Ads, advertising campaigns can now be measured.

The result

After the collaboration, it can be said that we have achieved fast and direct communication through Slack.

Absperrtechnik24's customers gave consistently positive feedback, and the shop is now generally perceived as more valuable.

With Shopware 6 as the new solution, the shop is now standardized and no longer a black box. Updates are now easier to perform, and a modern programming language is used. The employees of Absperrtechnik24 are more motivated by the modern-looking shop and easier handling.

Finally, we come to the most important point of the result: the shop's success can now be measured and scaled in the future.

We look forward to future collaboration!

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