Wincher: A Great SEO Solution for your Shopware Distribution

Wincher is a top notch SEO tool. It is very easy to integrate into an existing Shopware distribution. Just add it as an internal plugin and you are good to go.

Wincher helps you a great deal with search engine optimization. Why does that matter? So that your website or your Shopware store can be found at all! There will be other shop owners who want to rank for the very same search engine position. Wincher helps you to analyse keyword data and use it to your advantage

Wincher is very easy to use

There are quite a few SEO tools on the market. However, not all of them stand out for their user-friendliness. Besides its technical strength, Wincher offers an intuitive user experience and clear design. It’s easy to understand and very logical. This makes it super easy to use.

Wincher also helps webmasters and shop owners who run a large number of shops. Keeping a decent overview is a very important matter. Clean processes and a good structure ensure smooth management; even when dealing with multiple stores. Because Wincher allows for the creation of multiple projects and displays them in a structured way, you will always be well informed. 

Find out how to use Wincher correctly.

Work on your shop’s organic strategy

In general, it is very important to continuously optimize your organic strategy. In the long run, this is usually cheaper than constantly investing in SEA campaigns. In addition, it also speaks for the quality of a website and its respective content. Google values good content enormously. It thus comes as no surprise, that websites with better content tend to rank much higher. Wincher helps you with different aspects. One of them is your keyword strategy. Keywords are very important; every search query contains them. With Wincher, you can monitor keywords that are already ranking, but also get inspiration for new keywords. Finding new keywords is not that easy. Some work better, others not as well. It sometimes takes time for a website to rank for a specific keyword on Google. In-depth and yet pleasantly understandable content is quite helpful here.

For the most part, the following is recommended for a solid keyword strategy: Either you take long-tail keywords, which are not covered as frequently. Or you look at existing articles and websites to see what they have done well and where they left room for improvement. You then go ahead and incorporate those improvements in your work.

Keep an eye on your competition

You can also use Wincher to keep an eye on your competition. What may sound like a business thriller is quite relevant in practice. After all, you are not the only businessman who wants to optimize his own website/shop in terms of SEO in order to get more visitors and sales. That's why it's always important to look at what your competitors have done SEO-wise in the last weeks and months and, of course, how that affects their ranking results. In the end, every website owner wants to rank as high as possible on Google. Some people work hard for it, others barely at all. However, SEO is a continuous endeavor. It is extremely important to stay tuned. Not only regarding your own rankings, but also those of your competitors. In addition you should also keep an eye on Google updating its own search algorithm. After all, SEO is not a static undertaking, but a dynamic one.

How Wincher helps shop owners with SEO

What SEO information can Wincher provide you with? For example, how your Google ranking position has changed. This applies for your keywords on page 1 of the results as much as for any other result page. In addition, the traffic for each individual keyword is displayed, as well as the subpage that has the best SEO performance in terms of visitor numbers. Wincher can also estimate monthly search queries. This helps you to understand which keywords you should focus on. The results can also be exported as Excel or CSV files. This makes the tool useful not only for Shopware folks, but also for agencies. You can also keep an eye on your competitors with Wincher. And if you have multiple websites, you can check their performance comfortably through the Wincher dashboard. Of course, every Shopware owner wants to rank as high as possible. But to do so, you have to stay on top of your digital marketing game. Therefore, inform yourself by reading various SEO blogs and also directly via Google to see what direction SEO is evolving in.

Local data is important

Wincher can also help with local rank tracking. This is especially important if the majority of your customers live in close proximity. This can be a restaurant that has one or more branches in a certain area. Or someone who only has one store. Especially when it comes to competition in your own city, it is worth analyzing the competition. Nowadays, many new customers find you via a Google search. Therefore, it is even more important that they will find you at the top of the results. It is hard to believe, but there are still many entrepreneurs who do not deal with Google how to improve their website ranking. Even in smaller towns, people often take out their smartphone to find a local business.

Connecting Google Data Studio

In addition, Wincher can be easily integrated with Google Data Studio. Doing so is especially helpful when processing data. This is not only helpful for large companies and their Big Data concerns. Even smaller businesses can benefit from using data sets appropriately.  The Google Analytics 360 suite allows you to more effectively analyze, visualize, and draw conclusions about data that will help your business. The solution supports a number of databases, with BigQuery and PostgreSQL being just two of numerous examples. Thanks to individual reports and dashboards, you'll always have an overview. Google Data Studio can also be used free of charge.

In addition, Wincher helps you to create automatic reports. This makes your reporting at the end of the month much easier. In general, it helps to establish clean processes. Doing so will make work just that much smoother.

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