Shopware Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Shopware is a great solution. Two of its numerous advantages are the amount and quality of extensions available. We think it is a great idea to introduce you to some of them, therefore providing you with a better idea of the choices that are awaiting you. There are numerous different categories to pick from and we will introduce a few of those in the following paragraphs. It is also important to acknowledge, that Shopware extensions differ vastly in price. Some are free, others cost between 3 and 5 Euros and some are a bit more expensive. It is always a good idea to check what you will get for you money. If a more expensive product offers great service and has a superior product, it might be worth the investment, because it will save you time and provide the customer with a better experience.

Shipping? No problem!

One important part of online shopping is shipping the goods that have been bought. After all, in most cases we buy goods from stores that aren’t just around the corner. It can thus be a good idea to look at the shipping extensions that are available. Some of the extensions are associated with carriers. They enable you to create a label and thus make shipping as such a bit easier; both for you and your customers. This can be helpful for shipping, but also in case customers want to return merchandise. You can also administer dispatching with some of the plugins. Other plugins allow you to calculate shipping times for your customers, so they know when their order will arrive. Another plugin can also block certain countries from shipping. This might be for political reasons or because certain items might be banned in particular countries. As you can see, there are numerous extensions that help you with many shipping tasks regarding your Shopware store.

Let’s get some SEO support!

Of course, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does play an important role for your Shopware store. Constantly investing in your SEO can help you to rank well and thus get more people to visit your website. It thus comes as no surprise that you will find quite a few SEO extensions for your Shopware online shop. Those extensions can help with a number of different endeavors. For instance with changing your meta descriptions or creating breadcrumbs. They may also make working with error pages and redirects, as well as sitemaps and canonical URLs much easier. In addition, some plugins can also help you with Google Page Speed optimization, font preloading as well as the loading speed of your images. Make sure to constantly keep an eye on your SEO efforts. It will help you eventually.

Spice up your product presentation with videos!

Humans are visual creatures. We love to see things. If we can do so in an animated motion, even better. It can thus be a great idea, to also show some videos. Luckily, there are extensions available that help you to integrate videos in your Shopware store. This makes it much easier to show a product in action and also different variations of the product (i.e. different colours or slightly different products). Of course, you will also be able to create some great thumbnails, as they do help a lot with users potentially clicking on a video. In addition to uploading your own videos, some extensions also allow you to include YouTube and Vimeo-videos. What are you waiting for? Show the world your amazing products through video!


Shopware does have a large amount of helpful extensions

Manage your reviews and testimonials properly!

Testimonials and reviews are very important for your Shopware store. Humans do rely on experiences and the opinion of other customers. It thus makes a lot of sense to work with extensions that help you to manage and address those reviews and testimonials. In addition, you can also see what to improve about your Shopware store. This will help you to grow professionally.

Integrating your newsletter with Shopware? Sure thing!

Newsletters are an important part of your online marketing efforts. They help you to stay in contact with your customers, so they can learn what novelties are currently available and if you are offering any discounts in the foreseeable future. Yet, it is also important to establish a good process so that your newsletter system is connected to Shopware. Luckily, there are a number of extensions that can help you with achieving this goal.

Connect your Shopware store with other marketplaces

Sure, running your own Shopware store is important and a great achievement. Yet, there are other marketplaces that do have great SEO power and many customers. It is thus a good idea to list your items on those marketplaces as well. Luckily, there are extensions available that help you to do so. This saves you plenty of time and broadens the amount of customers you can approach. Some of those extensions also allow to connect with Pickware. In the long run, it is definitely a good idea to at least evaluate other platforms, trying to get an idea how they might be able to help you with increasing your revenue.

Switching from another CMS/shop to Shopware? Make it smooth!

It’s quite possible that Shopware will not be your first online shop. If you are think about switching from another content management system or shop solution but might worry about the migration, don’t worry too much. There are quite a few extensions specifically for that purpose, thus helping you to ensure a smooth transition. So, no reason to worry about your data transfer! Are you ready to enjoy your shop’s future with Shopware?

Security is important for your Shopware store!

Security is always important. But even more so when you deal with sensitive data, such as payment details and addresses. Luckily, there are some extensions that enhance Shopware’s security even further. You can implement a two-factor authentification, which is definitely a good idea. In addition, you may also log failed log-in attempts and set up notifications that get send to you when those attempts happen. In addition, you can also work with reCaptcha and show customers how strong their passwords are (or not, depending on their actual password). Believe it or not, but a strong password is still a great start to a secure account. So, make sure your password contains numbers, characters and case sensitive spelling. Another extension can help you with fraud detection. This is also a useful extension, since unfortunately some users might be fraudulent. If you can catch some of those by using such a helpful extension, it will definitely make your life easier.

Backups make your life easier!

Backups are important. In most cases, you don’t need them, but when you need one, you will be really glad, when you have one at hand. Backups are a great way to make sure you have a copy of everything in case something happens to your Shopware store or the server it is hosted on. It is thus not only a good idea to get a backup extension, but to also use it regularly. Doing so will potentially save you quite some problems.

Booking required? Let’s get right on it!

Some businesses work with bookings. This can be a barbershop, a nail salon or also just a regular shop that wants pickups to be scheduled. Luckily, there are a few extensions that can help you with scheduling customer appointments. Of course, as an administrator you can also change appointments or cancel them altogether. But let’s hope that will be the exception rather than the rule.

You prefer an auction? Get your hammer ready!

Most shops have fixed prices. Auctions work differently. They have a start price and multiple parties that are interested in a product bid on the same item, thus driving up its price. Auctions can be fun and in many cases, they are used for fundraisers/for charitable purposes. Thanks to some great extensions, you can also hold an auction in your Shopware store.

Are you selling tickets with Shopware?

When thinking about online shops, we tend to think about tangible goods. But there are also some entrepreneurs that sell tickets to events like concerts, readings or sports games. Luckily, there are extensions that help you with selling your tickets. You can also schedule multiple events on one day and have an overview of everyone who will be attending a specific event.

Need to hide prices? No problem!

Some readers might wonder why they should hide their prices. After all, you started your Shopware store to sell goods. Thus, customers do want to know what your goods cost. Yet, at times, it is also important to hide prices. One typical example is a B2B context. Many companies that only sell to other companies don’t want everyone to see how much they sell their goods for. This provides an incentive for businesses to sign up, so they can see prices. But it also helps the business who buys from another business, because their clients and competitors can’t just spy on their purchasing price. In addition, there are also plugins that allow to request a quote. This might also be a good idea, because it gets the communication ball rolling.

Let’s check the credit score!

Depending on the payment method a customer picks, chances are that he/she won’t pay directly. As a business owner, you run the risk, that a client might default on a payment and you might have to pay for their order out of your own pocket. Of course, this is something no business owner is keen on. Luckily, there are extensions that can help you with checking a customers credit rating. This will provide you with more safety when dealing with different payment options.

SEM is important for your Shopware store? Don’t worry!

If you run a Shopware store, you will very likely also conduct some sort of marketing. Chances are that part of that marketing will be paid marketing, such as Google Shopping or Facebook Ads. To make running your campaigns a bit easier, you can also work with helpful extensions. Same goes for the Facebook pixel. Thanks to number of plugins, getting the Facebook pixel to work is no problem. There are quite a few extensions for SEM efforts available.

Mobile matters for Shopware

Mobile devices play a huge role these days. The majority of website and shop visits happen through mobile devices. Naturally, there are a few extension that cater to mobile needs. One extension enables shop owners to turn their shop into a mobile app. This extension costs some money, but might help you with attracting more mobile customers. There are also extensions that help you observing your Shopware KPIs from your mobile device.

Let’s do some cross selling!

When you run a Shopware store, one of your main goals will very likely be to sell plenty of goods. There are quite a few tricks that can help you to achieve said goal. You should definitely work with cross-selling. The extensions available will help you to show customers similar products they might also be interested in; thus addressing the proper target audience. You can even set similar items yourself and thus control what items customers will see in your shop. So let’s get started and show your customers what they are currently missing out on.

CRM extensions at your service

Customer Relationship Management is an important topic for many entrepreneurs that run a Shopware store. Luckily, there are a number of extensions that support you with connecting CRM and Shopware. In doing so, you can automatise some of your marketing tasks and also learn more about customer visiting your shop. In the long-run this will very likely help you to improve your marketing efforts and understand your customers better.

EAN and MPN? No problem!

Some of you might wonder what those two abbreviations mean. The EAN is the European Article Number. This is the barcode that goods tend to have written on their back. The EAN has already been around since the 1970s and is very similar to the American UPC. MPN abbreviates Manufacturer Part Number. They are issued by the manufacturer and help tremendously with identifying a certain product. A Manufacturer Part Number usually consists of letters and numbers. Both can also be shown in your Shopware store. This will help some customers to find you faster, because they might be searching for one of those two identifying numbers.

You want to run a survey? There we go!

Shop owners tend to be interested in their customers thoughts. And they should be! If you understand your customers and their needs/worries/desires, it will be much easier to speak to those emotions. One good way to find out what your customers think is through a survey. Of course, it makes sense to think about the questions you are asking. It is therefore a good idea to take some time when creating the questions. In addition, it might also be a good idea to provide survey participants with a reward, such as a small discount. This will make them much more likely to provide you with their thoughts. Are you ready for some input?

You like calling customers? There is an extension for that!

At times, customers do have some additional questions. Or they want to learn more about a new shop. One way to do so is via phone. Luckily, there is an extension that integrates a form for callbacks in your Shopware store. Filling out said form is super easy and done within seconds. Are you ready to talk to some new customers?

Sustainability matters to you? To Shopware as well!

Sustainability is not just a fad. If you think so, it is time to update your environmental view! Taking care of our environment has always been important. But it is even more important these days, if we want to ensure that this planet will be inhabitable for some time to come. Luckily, there are also some sustainable extensions available. One of those can help to plant a tree for every Google review. It also offers GPS data on the trees that have been planted for you. The trees will be planted in Mexico by a German NGO

Need an age verification? No problem

For some goods, an age verification is essential. Getting such a verification done might sound like a headache to some shop owners. But don’t worry, there are also extensions available that will help you to ensure that your customer is at least 18 years old.

Extensions for your legal copy

When running a Shopware store, there are also some legal aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Of course, they do depend on your location and local laws. However, there are also some extensions available that will help you with legal texts. Some of them do actually update itself, meaning if new laws are enacted, your texts will be updated with new law as well. That is a great way to ensure you are not in violation of the law. At this point in time, it seems like most of those extensions are focussed on the European/German market in particular.

Speak to your customers in their language!

Earth is a diverse planet. Humans speak plenty of languages. Why not speak to some of your foreign customers in their language. With the language pack plugins, this will be no challenge at all! There a numerous extensions with different languages available. This includes Czech, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Hindi, Dutch and many more languages. If you want to sell your goods internationally, Shopware is a good way to do so!

Help your customers

Being able to help people is a great situation to be in. If you run a Shopware store, chances are pretty high that some of your customers do have questions. To answer those questions might make a difference between customers buying from you versus going to another shop. So, it is not only good to help potential customers, because you are genuinely a nice person. Rather, there is also a realistic chance that you will benefit financially from doing so.

Need a product configurator? Shopware extensions got you covered!

At times, it can be really helpful to work with a product configurator. It will help customers to get a better idea about your merchandise and thus possibly lead to more sales for you. Product configurators are not a very new item. Yet, if used properly, they can be a very powerful tool to show customers what makes your product great.

We have introduced you to quite a few extensions. We hope this overview has provided you with some new ideas and showed you the true power of Shopware. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us or to join our Discord channel.

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